The Source: Event in Brief

The Source Benalla is an innovative event that explores our region and connects people with fantastic opportunities available right here in our own back yard. Conversely, it provides the platform for the great producers, distillers, brewers, makers, and community groups to reach out and connect with the public all in the tranquil setting of the Benalla Botanical Gardens. 

The Source is also in partnership with EdSpace which is an education and training centre in Benalla. Edspace is a part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program and is partly catering for The Source as a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden project. This is a very exciting part of the event for The Source Benalla as the food is healthy, locally grown, and provides the students an excellent opportunity to complete their learning modules.


The values of The Source Benalla are integrity and community engagement.

The aims of this event are:

  • To promote and celebrate Benalla as a regional centre.
  • To promote tourism in Benalla, and the beauty of the Botanical Gardens.
  • To promote local artisan producers in the food / wine and crafts industry.
  • To promote livability in the Benalla region.
  • To promote and celebrate local community organisations.
  • To promote education and engagement of healthy foods on a family level.
  • To promote community engagement as a whole.
  • To provide fund raising opportunities for local community groups.
  • To promote local and regional youth engagement.
  • To maintain a zero footprint policy for the event.
  • To be an annual and sustainable event that in time, is one of the major events for Benalla.
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